what clients say

Julie B, Director, Latin America, Deckers Outdoor Corp.
My work with Pam as a coach has enabled me to work in a confident and creative way in a new job in a senior corporate position. Pam has a way of listening to what I say and hearing the assumptions behind my words, which are often causing me to be “stuck”. Her questions and suggestions open up an issue or a problem I am struggling with so I can see it in a new light and give voice to my real concerns. Once those are out on the table, the way forward is much more clear. Pam’s support has been crucial to my success this past year.

Erwin S
I had the pleasure of working with Pam Rechel in my last position as Director of Imaging Services at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. Pam provided Employee Engagement Coaching and Leadership Development to my management team and me. Pam also conducted a 360 survey for me and then went on to provide me with Executive Coaching services. I found Pam to be insightful and with an uncanny ability to take complex issues and break them down into manageable pieces. Through my executive coaching sessions with Pam I was able to make significant improvements in my time management skills, increase my employee engagement, and improve my overall work-life balance. Pam gave me different perspectives on how to approach difficult situations with the hospital senior leadership, my staff and employees. I believe I was able to improve all of these relationships with the tools and techniques that Pam taught me.

I would without hesitation recommend Pam for Executive Coaching, Staff Development and Team Building.

K. Joy
“Every time I met with Pam, I learned something new.  She shared new models, management theories and practical tips that I could use right away.”  K. Joy

Camille S, 2011 TED FELLOW
“Coaching with Pam is useful and powerful.  It feels like a ship being nudged gently.  You don’t see the direction right away but the change in direction is a massive new direction.  As a result of the conversations, I’m amped – and have a lot of energy.  I’m kinder to myself.”   http://www.camilleseaman.com/

Kristen, Pastor and Manager
“Pam’s wise and compassionate coaching has been nothing less than a transformative experience. My perspective has changed and I have discovered real joy, deftness and confidence in myself as a person and a leader.  I have learned to live and lead in ways that reflect my true desires and values.”

VY, Transit Executive
I rate Pam’s coaching a 10 of 10 because I’ve experienced a significant shift in how I respond to difficult situations at work and at home. I learned techniques to accept situations [instead of fighting what is] and the benefit of taking time to reflect.

Leanna A, Manager/Hospice
The coaching sessions were phenomenal.   You took something that is complex and messy – how to change my state of being and the results I get – and made it simple and easy for me to practice.  You broke it down so I can work on it in the moment.  That’s the first time that’s happened for me.  It’s been so academic in the past.  Now I have integration for this management work.  You keep questioning until we got to the nugget.  Your reframes also helped me get there.  I’m so grateful.

Accountability Program Testimonials

    • “How to make clear requests, setting boundaries. It’s just a gift to talk about these things and talk it out.”
    • “This is the first time I have actually been asked to have an accountability plan.”
    • “The 6 elements [of an effective request] gives a different perspective. It’s a good framework for making requests more concrete.”
    • “Being more realistic and learning to say ‘no’ is important.”
    • “That I often over commit affects my integrity, which I care more about. I need to say “no” more. My team has a hard time saying ‘no’ and we should talk about why.”
    • “I think twice before saying, I’ll try.”
    • “These are basic communication skills that make a difference.”
    • “Don’t say “I’ll try” when I mean “no”.”
    • “Always being overcommitted often becomes a habit and leads to burnout. Not saying “no” eats at an ability to set limits and promise only what I can deliver.”
    • “I realized how often our requests are vague and need clarity.”
    • “Something I’ll continue to work on for the rest of my life – ownership and responsibility.”
    • “Using specific language to actually ask for what I want. This is something I struggle with and the practice is good.”
    • “It was helpful to talk about the dynamic of personal aspect of accountability. The personal reflection worksheet where we could apply these concepts to our own life was very helpful.”