The biggest help for me was learning that preparation doesn’t have to take 30-60 minutes and be one more thing on my to-list. I can take a couple minutes, a few deep breaths, to put myself in the right headspace for my meeting or interaction. I can also take a few minutes to write down some of the important points I want to make during the interaction.
Some of the tools have really resonated with me as well and I’ve found they pop into my head easily throughout the day. “stay in curiosity”, “I accept that I…”, “use AND, not BUT when both things are true”. I have these written on a sticky note at my computer as a reminder. Pam created a safe space where I knew I could say anything on my mind. If I got stuck, she always had an insightful question or comment to get me thinking differently. I really enjoyed my time with Pam and would highly recommend her.