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Influence – not meaning manipulate to do something that they don’t want to do.  

This is about how to get their full attention and focus and not annoy them in the process and be an effective communicator.  Sales client; direct report, key stakeholders, boss, child … who ever your person is your want to influence.

This course is about other people – how to recognize type and make the flex.  Some of you are sales folks; team members; HR and LOD; managers.

The tips apply to all of you.  Who are the stakeholders in your world that you want to meet at least halfway?  The pandemic is bringing up a need to communicate better with family members – we don’t care who you use for examples in the workshop.  Once you see these patterns of communication, you can’t “unsee” them and will be able to use them to your benefit.

You’ll learn from each other in the Breakout rooms.  

If you’re not clear about your own type, don’t get too hung up.  Once you have practice identifying type in others, it somehow makes it easier for you to put yourself under the microscope.

team of people meeting

Influence Course for Teams

see enclosed flyer that will be co-branded soon with the BHC info)

Work is stressful enough as it is.  You want your team to work like a well-oiled machine, not like a rusty, out of adjustment clunker.  When teams work well together, they get things done, especially the most complex jobs.

  • The 4-6 hourTeam Type Influence Workshop is for all levels and types of employees –executives, managers, individual contributors.
  • The workshop is tailored to your needs.
  • The workshop is fun.
  • Practical application.
  • The workshop can be done virtually via Zoom or in-person.
  • Each participant downloads their individualized Type Verifier report ahead of time that includes information about their Type including Sub- Preferences; Description of their Type; Roles where they Thrive; Potential Strengths and Challenge Areas; Top 10 Actions Your Type can Take to Become more Balanced.
  • The workshop can be customized for sales people

Team Application Workshops

Have you gone to workshops where you learned a lot during the day but weren’t sure how to apply what you learned back in the team or where the everyone got so busy that time wasn’t taken to apply what was learned?  I know I sure have.  That’s why these workshops are offered to make sure that the team is fully prepared to apply the skills to their business needs.

Application workshops:  Two to six hour meetings with managers and/or team.  Fully customized to your team.

  1. Innovation – how to make sure new ideas don’t get shut down before they’re even heard.
  2. Stress- understand different levels of stress and what to do about it – and how to support each other.
  3. Change and Transformation – how to deal with change, especially if it’s constant and how to make the transformations more effective.
  4. Working Remotely– how to use Type to work more effectively in the virtual world
  5. Conflict– dealing with differences and get unstuck.
  6. Temperaments and Motivation. What are the core motivators for each person.  How to recognize this and use this information to motivate, not shut down staff. 
  7. 20-day Challenge. A fun text challenge to confirm the learning about type.  And if you’re a bit competitive, this can be tailored for you and your team with a “leader board”!

Real Life Examples:

Air Time Hogs. A client said that their team was especially stressed during COVID and didn’t know how to have everyone fully engaged during COVID. Some employees took up all the air-time and others just turned off their videos. We did a team workshop and found that the air-time hogs thought they were supposed to keep talking because no one else jumped in quickly enough. Problem solved with new team agreements and a way to make sure everyone got to give input before a decision was made.

SALES PEOPLE who used too much detail or not enough. A sales team found they were turned down when they gave too much detail or not enough to potential clients. When they leaned how to ‘flex’ what was wanted for the potential client, their sales and confidence went up.

SENIOR MANAGER NEEDS to CONSIDER IMPACT ON PEOPLE in decision-making. A manager who made most decisions based on logic alone struggled to keep their team engaged. The. Manager learned in coaching how to talk about their decision-making process and add consideration for acknowledging impact to people to decision-making. Was able to retain top talent more successfully.

“I was very skeptical about this workshop.  It was mandatory that we show up on a Saturday morning.  By 10 a.m. we’d done an exercise that got us talking about our most important issues and I had high hopes for the rest of the day.  The results were amazing!” 



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