Personality Type Coaching
(MBTI® & Type Coach)

increasing teamwork

As both an MBTI® [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®] and Type Coach Master Facilitator, I’ve had managers and their teams say things like:


  • “My team just isn’t firing on all cylinders. Something is off with our communication, and we don’t get things done as easily (and effortlessly) as we need to.”
  • “Team members seem to irritate each other and make it impossible to work together.”
  • They jut seem “too different”
  • “We’ve got some new people and it’s so much harder to get them to be part of the team”
  • “Since the pandemic it’s been so much more complicated to stay connected as a team”
  • “I don’t know if it’s because we’re trying to do everything virtually – or if it would really matter if we were in person but…we’re just not solving the hard problems”
  • “I hear complaints (that sometimes seem endless) that team members irritate each other or are doing things on purpose to make it harder. I think they just can’t work with someone who is different than them.”

All of these come down to one essential thing: communication

It’s about how your team communicates with each other; with their direct reports; with clients – with everyone. They have to communicate in a way that the other person can hear and understand them. And they have to be able to take in communication from people whose personality style is very different than theirs.

That’s hard! (sometimes it seems impossible)

Type Coach solves your biggest, most burning organization issue – Communication. Communication is a core competence for everything that gets done at work with customers, colleagues, and teams.

TypeCoach Improves

Sales ; Communication; Influence; Leadership; Development; Trust; Team; Effectiveness; Collaboration; Change Management; Motivation; Engagement; Cognitive Diversity (thinking styles) and more

How is TypeCoach Used?

Executive coaching
High potential programs
Leadership development programs
Intact teams for teambuilding
Sales reps and Sales leaders
Global teams. Available in these languages:
Spanish; French; Mandarin; German; Japanese; Portugese

How it TypeCoach Different

By starting the learning BEFORE the session, participants come more prepared to focus on APPLICATION in the live sessions. That means you’ll be able to USE what it learned as soon as the workshop or coaching session ends

TypeCoach provides LIFETIME ACCESS to online tools that IMPROVE INTERACTIONS with clients, colleagues, bosses, friends, family, etc. Yes, communication and relationships with even family can be improved.

Real Life Examples:

Air Time Hogs. A client said that their team was especially stressed during COVID and didn’t know how to have everyone fully engaged during COVID. Some employees took up all the air-time and others just turned off their videos. We did a team workshop and found that the air-time hogs thought they were supposed to keep talking because no one else jumped in quickly enough. Problem solved with new team agreements and a way to make sure everyone got to give input before a decision was made.

SALES PEOPLE who used too much detail or not enough. A sales team found they were turned down when they gave too much detail or not enough to potential clients. When they leaned how to ‘flex’ what was wanted for the potential client, their sales and confidence went up.

SENIOR MANAGER NEEDS to CONSIDER IMPACT ON PEOPLE in decision-making. A manager who made most decisions based on logic alone struggled to keep their team engaged. The. Manager learned in coaching how to talk about their decision-making process and add consideration for acknowledging impact to people to decision-making. Was able to retain top talent more successfully.

Individual and Executive Coaching

You need support for yourself or a team member. An indivdual assessment helps you identify how you or a team member interacts with those that are different.

Team Influence Course

Your team needs support. This course helps you and your team become better communicators by better undersstanding each other.

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Our Services


Consultation and Meeting Facilitation

We will work with you and your team to find solutions for complex challenges.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

We’ll work with you and your management team increase accountability throughout the organization.

Personality Type, Type Coach and MBTI®

Personality type is the most widely used model for teams and individuals. We will work with you and/or your team to customize work with personality assessments and team coaching.


We offer 5 types of packages to provide for flexibility in your coaching needs.

Dealing With Difficult Employees

There is hope. There’s a specialized coaching program proven to be successful with abrasive leaders.