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Coaching Packages

We offer 5 types of packages to provide for flexibility in your coaching needs:

  • Address an Issue – Focuses on a short term specific issues
  • Change a Behavior – Focuses on a behavior that may be a challenge for you
  • Developmental – Includes a 360 Evaluation and focuses on Improvement Areas
  • Hiking – Allows for walking and talking to support seeing things in a new way
  • Coach a Difficult Employee
“At the same time the role of the leader requires you to successfully manage the unknown future and  a more complex team and be more self-managed, it’s tough to get the feedback to guide what to do and how to do it.”

Level 1 – When You Need Help with An Issue or a Continuity Tune-Up

This package allows you to focus on an issue, usually to address a specific challenge or current situation.  Typically we would work together for 4-6 sessions over 1-2 months.  Any assessments that support the coaching process are additional.  Continuity tune-ups are for current and former Brave Heart clients – this is a great way to reinforce skills.

The value of this package is that it allows you to experience coaching and to tackle an immediate issue.

Level 2 – When You Need Help Changing a Behavior

This package allows you to address a situation or behavior that has been a challenge for a while – for example, to skillfully give straightforward timely feedback to direct reports, peers or boss.  This package requires a 3 month commitment with 2-4 sessions per month.  You will be billed quarterly at the beginning of the quarter.  Any assessments that support the coaching process are additional.

Making a minimum commitment of 6 months allows you to:

  • Change the behavior,
  • Learn new strategies to sustain it and
  • Consistently and dependably display the new habit or behavior
  • Tackle a significant challenge, e.g. learning how to consistently give skillful feedback even to the most challenging people
  • Experience coaching for the first time

The value of this package is that you make the commitment and have the built-in accountability to follow-through on coaching.  This results in a sharp increase in success and accomplishment of your goals.

Level 3 – Executive, High Potential or Individual Development Package

This package allows you to focus on obtaining feedback through a 360 degree evaluation.  We will work together to review your feedback and determine the best approach to address how to leverage your strengths and improve those areas that might be weaker.    This package requires a 6 month commitment with 2-4 sessions per month.  You will be billed monthly at the beginning of each month.  Any assessments that support the coaching process are additional.

Who will benefit from this package:

  • Executives who are ready to make significant changes, tackle challenging projects, have a need for a thought partner.
  • High potential employees who want to develop their capacity to be a leader and who want to do that as quickly as possible
  • Individuals who want to make a change and want it to be sustained.

The value of this package is more paradox.  Modern organizations often have fewer managers (flatter), are more complex (matrixed, networked and other organization structures) and require managers to manage more diverse teams – geographically dispersed, virtual, part-time.  And, if there isn’t a corporate process to get candid feedback – by having someone observe behavior or gather individualized feedback about leadership style, accountability, trust, decision making, motivation, communication, team management and other factors that impact the organization’s ability to get work done efficiently and effectively- it makes it difficult for the leader to know what to change and how to do that.

Level 4 – Hiking & Coaching

This program is available now in Portland, OR (Mt Tabor, Forest Park or in the Columbia Gorge) and soon in Seattle, WA.  Hiking and coaching is walking and talking, a way of getting out of a usual environment allows seeing situations in a new way.  The coaching session is outdoors, like a ‘field trip’ where you get outside the box of the office, where there are no boundaries. Pick your timeframe:

Short – an hour and a half  OR  Long – 4-6 hours

Who will benefit are those who–

  • think better when they move
  • don’t get outdoors as much as they’d like and who benefit from being in nature
  • want to multi-task- to get exercise, walk their dog and get coaching at the same time
  • think better when away from their office setting
  • need to clear their head and focus

We walk at a pace where conversation is possible and we stop at times and sit.

There’s a specialized coaching program proven to be successful with abrasive leaders.


Why Coaching?

The paradox is that executives are often in a challenging situation

  • No one needs to hear the truth more – and gets it less from employees.  It can be lonely at the top.
  • Often the final decision maker on complex decisions that have no clear ‘right’ answer – and the environment is getting even more ambiguous.
  • Have an intense need for an honest, close and long-term relationship with a trusted, confidential sounding board – someone who will challenge and support you.
  • Often the role of executive/manager is awarded without much individualized development or focus on how to be successful in the new role.

Note:  Brave Heart Consulting works with Executives, Managers, new Managers and individuals.  These comments apply to all individuals, especially executives.

How Does Coaching Work

By asking questions (lots of questions… like Socrates) and listening deeply (to what is being said and not said), the coach helps the client uncover the real goals, barriers, concerns etc.  Often it’s hard for you to uncover this yourself because complexity and the speed of change keep them hidden in the chaos.  After all, if you could see clearly, you might not need a coach.  For example, a coach might say something like “I’ve heard you say three times that you think that it’s not a good idea to go forward with the merger, yet I hear you taking steps to move toward combining the organizations.  What’s that about?”  The client was not conscious that they’d been saying/doing contradictory things and was now able to stop and consider what they really wanted to do.

  • The first step is to identify the goals for coaching– the real goals and how they’re impacting you and your organization.  We do that together in the first coaching sessions.
  • Identify next steps that are reasonable and achievable.  This is about biting off the next step that will move toward your goal.  Often it’s about taking many small steps that lead to ositive, steady progress on a situation that had been stuck or unclear.

Location:    Meetings can be by phone, in your location/office, in Pam’s office in NE Portland or in a quiet coffee shop or out hiking.

What is Executive Coaching?

  • Coaching is now used as one of the best ways to develop upcoming managers and leaders.
  • Coaching gives the extra edge by providing immediate and individual feedback.
  • It provides a confidential, trustworthy, sounding board for you to think through ideas.
  • Coaching provides feedback and helps in identifying blind spots.  It’s difficult to see clearly the impact we have on others and the organization without outside feedback skillfully given.
  • It’s about your goals, your focus.  The coaching process brings clarity, more depth and focus to the challenges you want/need to tackle.

Coaching is not:

  • A “makeover” for wholesale changes in personality.
  • The coach “telling” the executive what to do.

Pam’s guidance set a drive for growth

It was such a pleasure and rewarding experience working with Pam Rechel as 1:1 coach. I was able to be my real, authentic self as she helped me enable leadership growth in genuine settings. I always left the conversations filled with insights and plans to implement which integrated well into the current demands of life. As I experienced the successes and setbacks, Pam’s guidance set a drive for growth which I didn’t expect and came to appreciate.

Michael Graham
Tillamook County Creamery Association

Pam created a safe space where I knew I could say anything on my mind

The biggest help for me was learning that preparation doesn’t have to take 30-60 minutes and be one more thing on my to-list. I can take a couple minutes, a few deep breaths, to put myself in the right headspace for my meeting or interaction. I can also take a few minutes to write down some of the important points I want to make during the interaction.
Some of the tools have really resonated with me as well and I’ve found they pop into my head easily throughout the day. “stay in curiosity”, “I accept that I…”, “use AND, not BUT when both things are true”. I have these written on a sticky note at my computer as a reminder. Pam created a safe space where I knew I could say anything on my mind. If I got stuck, she always had an insightful question or comment to get me thinking differently. I really enjoyed my time with Pam and would highly recommend her.

Kristin Holleran

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We offer 5 types of packages to provide for flexibility in your coaching needs.

Dealing With Difficult Employees

There is hope. There’s a specialized coaching program proven to be successful with abrasive leaders.