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You’ll find some of my favorite articles, books and sites here. Enjoy!


Pam’s Favorite DEI (Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.) and Anti-Racism Resources

Encouragement for White People:  I think we, as white folks, need to have conversations with other white people about our experiences / awkwardness / questions etc. and that people of color don’t always have to be our teachers.  Besides, they’re exhausted.    And we also can become more comfortable and willing to engage in conversations with people who are different than we are in any way.  I think it’s time to begin, no matter where you are.  I’m happy to talk at any time!

  1. Robin D’Angelo’s 22-minute video on White Privilege  “Deconstructing White Privilege”.
  2. The Open Letter and Invitation to Humanity has resources for families, communities and organizations
  3. White Privilege: Unpacking the Knapsack is one of the original writings on the differences that people of color experience.
  4. The Characteristics of a White Supremacy culture. I found this shocking how many of these characteristics I embody without awareness and just thinking they were the “right” way to be.  
  5. The Procter and Gamble ads (The Talk, The Look, Circumstances and Redefine Black) are all silent, 5 minutes or less and drive home this work.  I think “The Look”, which shows the look that many white people give to many black people, is particularly powerful. Scroll down the page to see a link with all of them.  
  6. Five Steps to Transform your Conversations about Racism:  Even when you’re afraid to say the wrong thing.  1 hour video by Dr. Amanda Kemp, a racial justice and mindfulness mentor.  Get her book:  Say the Wrong Thing:  Stories and Strategies for Racial Justice and Authentic Community.  I took a class from her and she was clear about needing to approach every conversation about race from a place of unconditional love and acceptance. 
  7. Tools for Recognizing Microaggressions. A practical chart to begin to see, then transform actions that may have harmful consequences and that you may not be aware of. 
  8. Ken Hardy. How to talk Effectively about Race. This includes slides with Tasks for White People and Tasks for People of Color that I think are pointed and powerful.
  9. Patti Digh, The School for Inclusion and Activism and the Radical Resilience Institute. This was the first anti-racism class I took, and it was powerful.  Patti and Victor Lee Lewis co-faciltate this online learning.  Highly recommend it.  
  10. Poem: Wanna be an ally ….


Resources for Coaches to Competently talk about Race

  1. Rising Awareness – to equip coaches with the skillset to effectively navigate through the “messy and uncomfortable conversations” around racism and social issues of the past, present and future. Perry Rhue is leading this movement. There is a 4-week summit that is planned for October 2021.  I attended the one in the spring of 2021 and learned something from every meeting.  There were white and BIPOC coaches from the U.S., South Africa and other locations.  The content was awesome – I found the breakout discussions to be powerful and real.  There was no blame or shame – just come wherever you are on the journey.  The cost is about $350.USD.    Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the October 2021 info. 
  2. Racial Justice and Mindfulness Mentor Amanda Kemp Awesome courses and reminders that every conversation about race requires compassion – for yourself and everyone else. 
  3. ICF Coach Training’s Stand on Social Justice.