Pam Rechel

Pam Rechel, Owner/Consultant, MA, MBA, PCC


I’m Pam Rechel, founder of Brave Heart Consulting and have coached hundreds of managers over 20 years to help them manage employees and make effective changes in their organizations.  I’m committed to making managers work easier because for too many years I and a whole lot of great, talented teammates suffered in godawful work environments where people worked hard but didn’t get great results; didn’t have much fun and were worn down by constant change.  I was tired of not meeting the big hairy goals or making a big difference in the company. I know it doesn’t have to be this way.

A defining moment for me was getting fired.  Yes, I got fired from my job.  And, I didn’t get a warning that there were things I needed to change to be more effective.  There is a happy ending to this.  As I reflected on the situation, I realized that I’d tried to take on way too much work.  I thought if I just worked harder and longer that I could get it all done.  (What was I thinking?!)  What I really needed to do was to reprioritize my work, get some things off my plate and focus on the few huge projects that were most important.

And, I learned that it was time for me to move on.  Getting fired was a great blessing, although it wasn’t crystal clear at the time.  I think I’m a much better consultant as a result, even though it’s a bit hard for me to share this with you now.  And, I’ve become expert at how to communicate difficult messages in a way that the message can be heard and understood.

  • I have a Master’s degree from the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) in Coaching and Consulting in Organizations, an M.B.A. from George Washington University in Information Technology, and an M.S. in Education Administration from Syracuse University.
  • My coaching certifications are from the Newfield Network Coach Program and the International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) .
  • I hold the highest certification for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) facilitators, including Step II, and have facilitated Myers-Briggs team workshops for 15+ years in the U.S. as well as, Singapore, Taiwan, and Ireland.
  • Other training certifications include:  Seven Habits for Highly Effective People, 360 degree Profilor, Interaction Associates Coaching and Behavioral Interviewing.


Locations:  Pam lives in Portland, OR and works all over the world.  Some of her favorite places to work in the U.S. are: Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis.

About Pam Personally:  My favorite sport is cross country skiing and I’m learning to “skate ski”.  In the summer I hike.  I love going to Farmer’s Markets and eating interesting foods.

“I do believe that all managers can become more effective; starting from right where you are now, that all teams can become more productive and healthy…and have fun while you’re doing it.  I have hope.  And, I believe that you can change.”