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making sense of what to do next

Would you like a chance to take a deep breath and talk with other leaders like you who are trying to make sense of what to do next? 

Join my colleague Denise Holmes & myself for 50-minute complimentary webinars.

Team Building in a Virtual, In-Crisis World: Leadership Tips & Actions

Many leaders have reported how frustrating it is to be less efficient right now, when so many people are working virtually. This is a strange, and amazingly appropriate time to focus on being effective by leveraging the power of “team.” Learn leadership tips and actions to build trust; lean in towards productive conflict; and build commitment, clarity and action related to a shared rallying cry, to name a few.

Join Pam Rechel and Denise Holmes along with other leaders in one or both of these complimentary 50-minute facilitated webinars. Participants will leave the session with actionable tips to increase the effectiveness of their teams, especially now during this pandemic.

There are 2 sessions. The content is different in both, and it is not required to attend both.

Last Friday I participated in a 50 minute webinar that provided tips for leading and staying sane during these difficult times.
If you are like me right now, there is a never ending list of competing demands for my attention, but I must tell you this webinar was certainly worth the time.
While the words were not necessarily new, the perspective was and their questions sparked my desire to have this conversation with my staff.
Not only are Pam and Denise engaging as presenters, but they captured the essence of resiliency and provided a space to reflect on where we are and how we move forward personally and professionally.
If you are willing to invest 50 minutes in yourself, (and I hope you are) I think you will be find it valuable. And if the past predicts the future, the two upcoming webinars will be just as dynamic and worthwhile. To ensure everyone can benefit, Pam and Denise are offering the webinars at no charge.
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Friday, April 24, 2pm:

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Friday, May 8th, 2pm:

First Webinar

Tips for Leading and Staying Sane

Held April 10th, 2020

Pandemic Support for Leaders Like You

FREE Webinars for Leaders

Would you like a chance to take a deep breath and talk with other leaders like you who are trying to make sense of what to do next? Join my colleague Denise Holmes & myself for 50-minute free webinars.

Leading During the Pandemic

I want to help you emerge stronger, so I’m reaching out to teams and leaders to offer some simple tips and resources to help you be your best resilient selves – as leaders and as a team.

Complimentary Support from Me

I want to support you and your organization during this time. My personality style is “ENFJ” – so it’s all about support. I feel good when I can be of service, and this has nothing to do with selling to you.