Deborah Brown

Associate/Consultant, DMin, MDiv, MME


Deborah specializes in coaching abrasive leaders in the workplace, and coaching abrasive clergy. She offers trainings and facilitates workshops on creating safe environments in the workplace through healthy communication methods. In addition to coaching she works with congregations that are in transition, redefining its mission, and need work with leadership and congregational development.

In 2017 Deborah completed her Doctor of Ministry in Congregational Development degree from Bexley-Seabury Theological Seminary located in Chicago, Illinois. Her thesis is titled The Church Babylon:  Confronting the Challenges of Displacement and Gentrification on the Urban Church. Deborah has trained with Dr. Laura Crawshaw, the founder of the Boss Whispering Institute. The purpose of the Boss Whispering Institute is coaching abrasive leaders in the workplace. Deborah is skilled in congregational and organizational development; judging when to intervene; holding staff accountable; understanding the external environment; and taking an organization-wide perspective. She has 21 years of experience working with diverse populations. She maintains group discipline, and a safe and nurturing environment for learning through uses of healthy communication guidelines that focus on positive results. She uses principles of group dynamics and works as a team member.