Are You Prepared?

B Being a leader can be challenging. And, it can be lonely at the top.  There are times when you want to be able to sort out a complex situation with someone who isn’t involved in the organization and can be objective.   What used to work doesn’t work anymore.  You want some concrete solutions.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.  Yes, there is hope.”

Your team has to be able to make the necessary changes AND keep up with their work.  Yet, you’re worried that team members aren’t accountable, and you’re frustrated that teams aren’t meeting deadlines and not keeping commitments.

You also need to be fully prepared so you can lead the rest of the team.  Helping yourself and your team learn to cope with new challenges is important to you. The hard part for you is that with so many other priorities, taking time to reflect and addressing team issues doesn’t get much of your focus.

How We Help

Although your situation is unique, the struggles that executives, managers, or aspiring managers and HR Directors experience have some common themes.  See if any of these sound familiar to you.

You’re a pretty good manager

even a great one but you’ve got an employee or team that just isn’t as accountable as you need them to be. Your team is competent, but they keep messing up with customers or other departments or each other by missing deadlines or making commitments that they don’t meet.

Your organization just reorganized

or merged with another company or department. You’re reasonably clear about what to do for most of the merger but you’ve heard that 87% of all mergers fail. You don’t want that to happen, but aren’t positive what to do about blending the management teams, employees and company cultures and help them move on.

You know that the problems

seem to come back again and again. You’ve tried telling the employee or the team what to do differently. You’ve sent team members, and even yourself, to workshops. You’ve talked endlessly to your spouse, colleagues and to HR. Yet employee and team issues continue. You’ve even tried ignoring it and hoping the team or employee would figure it out.

You know there is a valuable employee

who just rubs colleagues the wrong way and the situation is getting extreme. You don’t want any of them to leave; you just want the situation solved. You find yourself starting to focus more on firing employees and less on helping them succeed, even though you know how difficult and unproductive this is for you, the employee, and the team. It’s hard to fire someone, although sometimes that’s what is necessary. You’d like to know that you’ve done everything that is reasonable to avoid it.

You know that having a team

with diverse skills and personalities is important. But, sometimes all those differences result in conflict and not higher performance. You need the team to understand each other. They’re working fairly well together, but certain hairy problems stay unsolved, people aren’t talking about what’s really going on and some issues keep getting avoided. It’s been okay like that for awhile, but it won’t be okay much longer because the expectations keep getting higher and you want the highest performance.

It Will Work
It will work, if you have these beliefs:
thumb_01_60_60IT’S TIME
You believe that now is the right time to take action. What’s at stake is too great if the situation doesn’t improve.
You want someone who will challenge your thinking, focus on strengthening your strengths and believe in you and your success.
You think it’s important to balance the long term and short term view. Some things need to change immediately; some will take longer and will have a greater ROI. You know you need both short term and long term results.
You want to be able to continue to sustain high performance as a leader and not burnout. This is especially important for leaders in challenging, complex and ambiguous situations. Is this you?
thumb_01_60_60WILLING TO LEARN
You want to be even more skillful and courageous in your conversations. Our conversations are the beginning of action, so your conversations are one of the most important tools you have to make things happen.
thumb_01_60_60ROOT CAUSE
You want to get to the root of problems and solve them once and for all, not just a quick fix.

If You Believe…

we will keep our promise!