Team Accountability Solutions

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Our approach to accountability works easily, without taking up too much time, because it concentrates on three elements:

  • Easy to learn skills. Learning the six elements of an effective request, the steps to making a reasonable commitment and how to avoid the “I’ll Try” trap are simple to learn. Each session we’ll focus on learning one or two skills.
  • Practice in between training sessions. You begin applying them immediately and practice before the next training session. Yes, the motto “practice makes perfect” applies here.
  • Working with the management team and HR to apply the concepts to your situation. We’ll meet with you before the sessions begin so we begin to understand your organization; once during the sessions so we can ensure that the training is making a difference and again afterward to identify ways to sustain the new competencies. For more information on how to create a culture of accountability click here.

The series of 5 short training/coaching modules are designed for busy teams.  It’s only 2 hours a week for five weeks.  The modules are dynamic with integrated learning by practicing the new skills between modules.  Plus, we meet with you and your management team to assess your workplace accountability and find fast and effective ways to make improvements to business results.

The program is

  • Timed for busy teams – Five modules, two hours each week for teams in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. For teams outside the Northwest, contact us to discuss scheduling.
  • Results in Increased Competence…Modules are Scheduled one week apart so skills can be practiced
  • Leadership Competence for Accountability…We meet with the Senior Manager and/or Management Teams before, during and after the training to customize content to your unique situation and to how you want to build a culture of accountability.
Your Team will be able to:

  • Make effective requests and commitments the first time, including everything that is needed to take effective action
  • Say ‘no’ to requests they know they can’t meet or negotiate the agreement for a new time frame or action that could be accomplished to avoid other things not getting done as  promised
  • Confront difficult issues and discuss mistakes quickly- have a conversation as soon as the issue is recognized
  • Take 100% responsibility for their work– they can “see it, know it, take action” without waiting for others to take action.
  • Avoid the “I’ll try” trap and where they don’t actually get things done because they are over-committed.
  • Module 1:  6 Elements of Effective Requests…the Foundation of a Culture of Accountability
  • Module 2:   Vision of an Accountable Organization. Overcoming Barriers to Effective Requests and Agreements.
  • Module 3:  Personal Accountability and Personal Power…How to see what can be done and do it. How to reduce power draining activities in order to be more efficient.
  • Module 4:  Dealing with Unmet Agreements and requests that can’t be fulfilled. Addressing over- commitment. Saying “no” and the “I’ll Try” trap.
  • Module 5:  Applying and practicing all the skills competently to your unique team situation



To have an accountable organization the management team has to lead the way.  We’ll work with you and your management team increase accountability throughout the organization and make it a way of life.  Contact us so we can learn about your unique challenges.

Want to find out how your organization is doing?  Take the free, short Accountability Assessment.  We know that some websites use this kind of thing just to get your email address and that can be annoying.  We just want you to begin thinking about Accountability.  You don’t have to sign up for anything to take the assessment.  And, it won’t take more than 5 minutes!  Take the Assessment