How Does Coaching Work?

  • By asking questions (lots of questions… like Socrates) and listening deeply (to what is being said and not said), the coach helps the client uncover the real goals, barriers, concerns etc.  Often it’s hard for you to uncover this yourself because complexity and the speed of change keep them hidden in the chaos.  After all, if you could see clearly, you might not need a coach.  For example, a coach might say something like “I’ve heard you say three times that you think that it’s not a good idea to go forward with the merger, yet I hear you taking steps to move toward combining the organizations.  What’s that about?”  The client was not conscious that they’d been saying/doing contradictory things and was now able to stop and consider what they really wanted to do.
  • The first step is to identify the goals for coaching– the real goals and how they’re impacting you and your organization.  We do that together in the first coaching sessions.
  • Identify next steps that are reasonable and achievable.  This is about biting off the next step that will move toward your goal.  Often it’s about taking many small steps that lead to positive, steady progress on a situation that had been stuck or unclear.

Location:    Meetings can be by phone, in your location/office, in Pam’s office in NE Portland or in a quiet coffee shop or out hiking.