An Accountable Workplace

A workplace where personal accountability at the individual and team level is actively encouraged and reinforced and business results are achieved.

Organizational culture is determined by “the way things get done around here”. It’s the collection of unspoken rules and behavior norms that are established and followed by the people in the company. It’s challenging to define because it’s invisible by nature, but it’s powerful in the effect it has on individuals within the system.

An accountable workplace is one where people have practiced personal responsibility so much that it’s second nature. People automatically clarify their requests and commitments; they readily move through their own barriers; they naturally have the difficult conversations to follow-up on unmet expectations; and they are supported in saying “no” and renegotiating when asked to do something they know they cannot complete. It is automatic. They don’t have to think about it. People assume that it is “just what’s done” at their workplace.

To create an accountable workplace, people at all levels must

  • agree to the value for it
  • agree to practice until it becomes second nature

It helps to have some guidance to begin, which is why we offer the “Count on Me Accountability” foundation. This program provides the initial structure and skill development to begin practicing. It also provides a common definition as well as common language to build the organizational commitment to such a culture shift. Creating an accountable workplace requires an investment by leaders to provide the skills to employees as well as a commitment to staying with it even when things feel unfamiliar and new.

Count on Me Accountability (CMA) provides the foundational skills as well as continued coaching with employee and leader development to assist the organization through the change process. We provide change management consultation and follow-up for consistency, planning and problem solving.

There are 4 tiers to Building an Accountable Workplace.

  • Foundational skill development, Accountability Program
  • Assess current state (Is the organizational system aligned to support accountability behavior?) and determine future desired state
  • Create a unique plan to achieve future desired state, cultural fit, and implement that plan
  • Evaluate, Sustain and Renew