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Deborah Brown, Associate/Consultant, DMin, MDiv, MME

Deborah specializes in coaching abrasive leaders in the workplace, and coaching abrasive clergy. She offers trainings and facilitates workshops on creating safe environments in the workplace through healthy communication methods. In addition to coaching she works with congregations that are in transition, redefining its mission, and need work with leadership and congregational development.

In 2017 Deborah completed her Doctor of Ministry in Congregational Development degree from Bexley-Seabury Theological Seminary located in Chicago, Illinois. Her thesis is titled The Church Babylon:  Confronting the Challenges of Displacement and Gentrification on the Urban Church. Deborah has trained with Dr. Laura Crawshaw, the founder of the Boss Whispering Institute. The purpose of the Boss Whispering Institute is coaching abrasive leaders in the workplace. Deborah is skilled in congregational and organizational development; judging when to intervene; holding staff accountable; understanding the external environment; and taking an organization-wide perspective. She has 21 years of experience working with diverse populations. She maintains group discipline, and a safe and nurturing environment for learning through uses of healthy communication guidelines that focus on positive results. She uses principles of group dynamics and works as a team member.

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denise holmes woman in front of treesDenise Holmes, Associate/Consultant, MA, MBA, ACC

An engaging and skilled coach and facilitator, Denise has a special ability to help executives, including abrasive leaders, master leadership dilemmas and have tough conversations in new, more productive and healthy ways.   Clients value Denise’s non-judgmental, appreciative and direct approach to challenge and partner with them to address tough leadership challenges.

In 2009, after 10+ years of providing a mix of training, organizational development, and human resources expertise as an employee of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and InFocus Corporation, Denise became an external consultant. In her roles of coach, facilitator and organizational development consultant, Denise brings a deep curiosity, compassion, and authenticity to her work. She has a broad background in designing and delivering experiential leadership development, coaching individuals and teams through change and for increased performance, and applying system dynamics to her consulting.  She has specialized training to coach abrasive leaders.

Denise is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and holds a Master of Arts degree in applied behavioral science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle, with a focus on coaching and consulting in organizations. She also holds an M.B.A. from Marylhurst University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies from the University of Oregon.

About Denise personally, After years of thinking “cats rule, dogs drool,” Denise is now a dog-convert and enjoys spending time with her two mutts in addition to her 3 cats.  She’s also a book junkie, plays guitar, and enjoys going on cycling vacations with her husband.

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Sam McKee, Associate/Consultant, MDiv, ACC

Sam has coached leaders from Google, Facebook and Microsoft and led workshops at Columbia University. From New York to San Francisco to Dubai, his diverse clients have given him a broad spectrum of culture and experience to cross-pollinate excellence and innovation.

His coaching centers on accelerating relationships, crystallizing vision, boosting engagement and achieving results that matter. From the Five Dysfunctions of a Team to Crucial Conversations and Building Conflict-Competent Teams, Sam brings the right tools and resources to make a difference where it matters most. His tool kit includes many assessments (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Instrument, Strong Interest Career Inventory) The greatest asset he brings is his ability to ask the right questions, really listen and understand his clients’ strengths, struggles and dreams. With individuals and teams, Sam co-creates solutions that not only work but leave people energized, fulfilled and inspired about the future.

After graduating from the College of Executive Coaching, Sam became an ICF-certified executive coach. His background includes a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Development from Andrews University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Eastern Illinois University. Through reporting for a major newspaper in the Chicago area as well as being an editor, Sam learned the art of asking the right questions.

He’s spent more than a decade coaching leaders and teams, helping families through crises, speaking at national and international motivational and teaching venues, organizing events and retreats, leading teens on trips to build houses and work on orphanages in the third world. He’s also enjoyed co-writing a children’s book with his wife and getting articles published in various magazines and newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the San Jose Mercury-News.

Sam loves to help teams and companies create a culture that cares about results and relationships. His passion is coaching leaders and teams to rise above the stresses and storms to achieve synergy and success.

In his free time, Sam plays hockey, football, and almost every other sport. But his favorite times are spent rafting, snowboarding and otherwise exploring the beautiful Northwest with his wife and their two children, who have more energy than the sun.