about our company

WWhy Brave Heart?  Pam, the owner, chose the name Brave Heart (before seeing the Mel Gibson movie) because it takes courage to change.  Change is hard—and it is possible.  Our work is about helping people take and keep taking courageous, and most often many small, steps that add up to big change – and accomplishing what they want to do.

Whatever your management and leadership experience is, you can be more effective, confident, and sleep soundly knowing that:

  • you can cope with, and even thrive in constant change;
  • employees, yes, all employees including those who may rub others the wrong way can learn the skills needed to communicate effectively;
  • your team is accountable, deadlines are met and challenging problems are tackled.

Our Promise

To cope with constant change and get skills to be more effective, you need two things:  courage and clarity. That’s our promise to you – courage and clarity – the courage to change and the clarity to see the right next steps for you.

Change can be hard, and even harder if you aren’t sure about what the next steps are that you’re really ready to take. When everyone, including you, is already trying as hard as they can, hearing again what to do differently doesn’t help.  You all know what needs to be done but nobody, yourself included, is sure of exactly how to do it.

Our Team

Pam Rechel, Owner/Consultant, MA, MBA, PCC

I’m Pam Rechel, founder of Brave Heart Consulting and have coached hundreds of managers over 20 years to help them manage employees and make effective changes in their organizations.  I’m committed to making managers work easier because for too many years I and a whole lot of great, talented teammates suffered in godawful work environments where people worked hard but didn’t get great results; didn’t have much fun and were worn down by constant change.  I was tired of not meeting the big hairy goals or making a big difference in the company. I know it doesn’t have to be this way.


Denise Holmes, Associate/Consultant, MA, MBA, ACC

An engaging and skilled coach and facilitator, Denise has a special ability to help executives, including abrasive leaders, master leadership dilemmas and have tough conversations in new, more productive and healthy ways.   Clients value Denise’s non-judgmental, appreciative and direct approach to challenge and partner with them to address tough leadership challenges.


Sam McKee, Associate/Consultant, MDiv, ACC

Sam has coached leaders from Google, Facebook and Microsoft and led workshops at Columbia University. From New York to San Francisco to Dubai, his diverse clients have given him a broad spectrum of culture and experience to cross-pollinate excellence and innovation.


Sara Jane Radin, Associate, M.A.

Sara Jane is an Executive Coach to leaders choosing to rapidly achieve breakthrough results so that they are able to consistently perform at their optimum. She works with established C-Level Executives, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents as well as emerging High Potential Leaders to help them learn about their behavioral styles, capitalize on their strengths, and compensate for their blind spots.